Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time machines, Introductions, and scimitar wielding squirrels.

  Hello there! You must've strayed far away to find yourself on my blog. I am both happy and rather worried. Happy that you managed to find me and will hopefully find interest in what I type. Worried for the fact that you are lost, and you look rather scared. It's okay though, worry not for simply pressing the "home" icon on your browser will whisk you away from this nonsense and take you to safety! yay for home icons and technology!

  If you are still reading I thank you. See! It's not so bad here. Sure, I need to spiffy it up as everything looks rather barren but hey, I just found this place myself! On to something relevant now! Yay for relevantinessess..ness!

  My name is Reuben, I am 23 years young and I'm happy I managed to remember my first name and age. I have many hobbies that span over the fancy part of the brain. You know, the part where we come up with some crazy shit like eggplant fairies, scimitar wielding squirrels, or perhaps where you think about creating a time machine and how you would go back to the Jurassic period and see if it's possible to breed with raptors so the future can be filled with half human/raptor breeds. The imaginative part of the brain. The creative side. Actually, maybe I should scratch all that..I may have just proven myself to be crazy or simply...fucking stupid. Damn, I suck at this. Okay....time to simplify it!

 I am into the arts heavily. I love drawing, writing, listening to music, making my own music and singing. It's definitely a fulfilling release to be able to take part in the above activities. Also heavily into gaming, for better or worse, but hey, its fun and it makes time fly. :) I used to be really into the MMO scene though now I'm happy gaming casually into the rpg, and fps genres. Oh yeah! :D

 There's of course other things but I think I will introduce them as they come to mind over the period of this blog. Ah yes, and on the note of blog I should probably outline what I plan to use this blog for! Yay for purpose? :D

 As the title suggests, I will use the blog to vent, or simply write about the world around me. Whether it be me uploading songs I'm recording, pieces I'm writing, pictures I'm drawing, or that dick on highway 95 that shit on my truck going 90. OR THAT FUCKING CAT THAT JUST HAD TO POP OUT OF NOWHERE AND MAKE ME SWERVE OUT OF THE WAY BECAUSE I COULDN'T STAND FEELING A CATS HEAD POP UNDER MY TIRE, FUCK YOU MR. BITEY!

  Yeah, just whatever. Hopefully it will keep you interested and returned, or else I will be forced to launch at army at your "home icon" and keep you hostage. Then you will be forced to stay, force fed the shit on my blog, mwahaha! Okay, not really. I'm actually a very nice person. I'm not a dick...I promise. :O

 Anyhow, its nearing 5am, and I should sleep. This wraps up my first post, fuck yeah, cherry popped. Vagina deflowered. Feels good. Goodnight. :)


  1. Haha too funny, can already tell you are a badass storyteller. Rofl'd so hard at the end. :)

  2. And her Mom loved it too ;)
    Happy blogging <3

  3. this is probably the most ive read this year but it was worth it great story haha

  4. Lol cool story bro ! +follow

  5. Nice story it was very intresting. Follow

  6. Story was very interesting keep it up!